A Campaign to End Food Instability

Despite  “the Hamptons” reputation for wealth and excess, food Instability has long existed in our East End community.  The pandemic forced it into the spotlight.   Workers in the service sector found themselves without jobs and challenged to feed themselves and their families, many for the first time. The numbers dramatically rose, in some cases nearly 400%.  And while levels have stabilized, they have not dropped significantly.   

The AFTEE Feed the Need Campaign is a unified effort between businesses, government leaders, concerned community members and others raising funds to address the rapidly growing food insecurity of the region and other issues due to the pandemic.

During the pandemic, AFTEE focused its grant making on supporting those local organizations feeding our community. 

Farm to Pantry – A Community Partnership, a Sustainable Food Model

Farm to Pantry is a partnership that offers financial support for farming and farmers, while setting up systems to make sure those most at risk in our community have access, all year long, to fresh local food through a voucher system. 

 This initiative supports local farming, guarantees access to healthy local food for the most vulnerable segments of the East End Community beyond the growing season, attracts broader financial support and serves as a leadership model.

The program was developed  by Quail Hill Farm and the East End Food institute, who have partnered with AFTEE.